Gamification done right in Onboarding process can increase knowledge retention and employee engagement

Anu K Das

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Gamification in Onboarding Improves Employee Engagement

Are you one of those who have sit through a boring Induction PowerPoint deck and if yes would you want your new recruits go through the same? Wouldn’t an interactive onboarding sound fun for the new millennial hires? Gamification in Employee Onboarding has become a trending topic in recent years. The new generation of workers view employment as a two-sided partnership instead of a one-sided relationship. Implementing a gamified process in training creates a win-win for everyone involved. Several big names like Marriot, Deloitte and Domino’s Pizza have been using Gamification during their training and onboarding process.‘My Marriott Hotel’ is a game that has been developed by Marriott International to recruit newbies. It allows the candidates to run their own virtual hotel in which they design their own restaurant, purchase inventory, train employees and serve guests. It virtually simulates the whole experience to run a hotel business. Deloitte digitalised and gamified their onboarding process. New employees form teams with other starters and learn about privacy, compliance, ethics and procedures online. They can launch pre-set questions into their team that everyone has to answer. Deloitte also created a virtual office tour, which is set-up like a videogame.


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