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What is Virtual Art Department (VAD)?

The Virtual Art Department (VAD) is a crucial part of the virtual production industry. They are responsible for creating, designing, and implementing digital assets and environments, providing technical support, and performing quality assurance. They collaborate with other departments, such as virtual cinematography, virtual production, and VFX. VAD artists design and assess which set builds will be practical and digital, capturing physical sets and locations, virtually scouting digital locations, and developing preliminary environments for the DP to pre-light. They take designs and digital renderings from the art department and transform them into virtual 3D replicas, allowing the director and production team to visualize the final shot before physical production fully.

What We do

Accelerating innovation in filmmaking with our Virtual Art Department Services

We excel in providing exceptional Virtual Art Department (VAD) and virtual production services, from bringing imaginative concepts to life to streamlining the entire filmmaking process. With a comprehensive understanding of Extended Reality and Digital Content Creation, we have honed the integration of hardware, sensors, and real-time technologies over 8 years to assist content creators in harnessing the potential of virtual production. Our team employs real-world technologies and custom virtual production tool sets to simplify the production process of CG and animated films, making them more efficient, adaptable, and cost-effective while preserving creative freedom.

Concept and design of digital assets and environments

Creation & implementation of digital assets into the virtual production pipeline.

Quality assurance & testing of digital assets to ensure they meet technical requirements.

Continuously improve and update the virtual assets library for future use.

Collaboration with other departments like Virtual Cinematography, Virtual Production, & VFX.


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