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Re-defining interaction through the power of immersive tech

We believe that behind every idea is a world of potential just waiting to be explored. And we make that happen through the collective power of AR, VR and MR.
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A vision that has paved the way for possibilities

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These four words are not merely a statement. Rather they form a profound truth. It is one that has been guiding us in our quest as we help businesses envision the possibilities of tomorrow’s immersive tech today. Our journey began in 2014. XR was the next big thing. Industry 4.0 was the new standard. And the Internet of Things was a glimmer on the horizon. However, we believed in now rather than next. Bearing that in mind, we set out to connect people and ideas by helping them to harness the potential of XR via a seamless integration of technology and art. Along the way, we changed how businesses thought and worked. Some would say reality has its limits. But we beg to differ. Today, we continue to push the possibilities of XR, leveraging our strengths of Content Creation and Enterprise Application. Be it a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, we are focused on empowering every business to bring its ideas to life.
















Technology that drives our business

Behind everything we offer is the technology that makes it run. So, what gears us to keep going? Find out for yourself—take a look at our tech stacks.

Game Engines

Attention-grabbing graphics, immersive gameplay and rich, interactive environments—when it comes to gaming and gamification content, we take expectations to the next level. No matter the genre, our designs boast the most advanced and cutting-edge technology and gaming engines for an experience that is truly out of this world.

3D Modeling

From character animation to visual effects and texturing, we bring every idea to life in stunning detail. How do we make it possible? Backed by a creative vision and expertise, we run the software that leading animation studios around the world rely on to render CGI magic on both big and small screens.


We don’t just create the ultimate experiences in alternative reality. We also provide the best way to immerse yourself in them. Working with state-of-the-art devices, we bring extended reality close to home—or anywhere for that matter—to transform every setting and transport the mind to new possibilities.

Data Analytics Pipeline

Industry 4.0 has given rise to a data-driven world. However, while access to information drives business, understanding that information is key. That is where data visualization comes into play. We specialize in turning data visualization into a fine art through our cutting-edge cloud-based pipeline.

Meet the people who make it all possible

Nikhil Chandran, CEO of Tiltlabs, vr/ar development company in india

A word from the CEO, Nikhil Chandran

When TILTLABS was founded in 2014, little did we know how far we would come. With the support and mentorship of late industry veteran Mr. Sasikumar Sehker, we set out to re-imagine and redefine the possibilities of AR, VR and MR.

My passion for transformation can perhaps be traced to my childhood. I was always curious and interested in how things function. This, in turn, put me on a journey of more than 12 years, picking up knowledge on software development. Along the way, it sparked an interest in the world of immersive technologies for web, mobile and cloud domains. It wasn’t long before Virtual and Augmented Reality, Block Chain, AI and IOT technologies became my calling.

This thirst for learning led me to set up TILTLABS; and each and every day, I am thankful for the opportunity to do what I love—solving problems and changing the world one idea at a time. Each step I take is to bridge the gap between businesses and immersive media and tech. I feel few sectors offer as much excitement and potential as this.

This is only the beginning. Here’s to transforming the future together.

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Rafi Muhammed, Operations Manager

Rafi is an experienced Operations Manager, with an acute skill in handling software development teams, something he has done astutely at leading MNCs prior to joining TILTLABS.

A team player, Rafi has the innate ability to bring people together to identify the needs of the organization and find solutions collectively. His experience, coupled with his ability to see the big picture, makes him a key addition to the team. It allows him to analyze every situation in a holistic manner and make decisions that benefit the whole company rather than a single unit.