TILTLABS & Lightrains Collaboration On NFT For This Onam Season


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TILTLABS & Lightrains Collaboration On NFT For This Onam Season

Trivandrum, Sept. 6, 2022: TILTLABS has announced a strategic partnership with LIGHTRAINS (non-fungible token (NFT) & blockchain company), focusing on providing top-notch quality services and seamless experience for NFT enthusiasts. Through this agreement, TILTLABS and LIGHTRAINS will create a unified environment where users can buy, collect, and trade NFTs as digital products and collectibles. The platform focuses on providing a seamless experience, making it more accessible to a new generation of collectors everywhere.

TILTLABS was founded in 2014 with the motto of guiding businesses to envision the possibilities of tomorrow’s immersive tech today. For over 8 years, they have been working with Startups and Fortune 500s to deliver enriching experiences to enhance their workflow and performance. LIGHTRAINS offers solutions for companies to approach commerce, trading, and other sectors powered by blockchain and smart contracts. The partnership focuses on delivering creative and technical aspects of NFT generation, including conceptualization, development, character design, modeling, and asset designs, along with smart contract generation for NFTs. 

 “We are excited to team up with LIGHTRAINS to introduce NFTs and the power of the blockchain to the community of enthusiasts through a dynamic, user-friendly experience. We focus on assisting brands by producing bespoke NFT assets for their respective business and launching them in the NFT marketplace,” said Nikhil Chandran (CEO, Tiltlabs). 

TILTLABS, in collaboration with LIGHTRAINS, has proposed releasing a unique collection of NFT tokens for this Onam season to unlock new experiences. The highly anticipated tokens expected to be released on Onam have already created a strong buzz among enthusiasts, investors, and traders alike.

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