Mixed Reality (MR) – Transforming the Construction & Real Estate Industries

As technology evolves, it’s crucial for companies to evolve with it. Immersive technology like Mixed Reality (MR) provides interesting opportunities to visualize spaces and data via merging of real and virtual worlds, where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.


Real estate agents have to manage the time taken to go from one site to the other, dealing with traffic, etc.

For a realtor, preparing an open house, taking and editing photos of the property and finally showing them to the clients can be time consuming.

In case there are any changes in the model or the construction plan, the agent has to update the customers. This again creates another challenge of going to and fro to the site along with the prospects to show them the changed layout.


Mixed Reality extends the interaction with 3D displays beyond the confines of 2D models with the help of HoloLens, creating new ways for real estate agents to visualize, share ideas, and manage change

MR software allows commercial and residential real estate agents to provide clients with customized tours of properties through the agents’ eyes. Agents and clients can record the visits for future reference.

With collaborative view in HoloLens, the whole MR experience achieves an emotional connection with the prospects. A realtor can give the buyer a 360-degree virtual walkthrough using a HoloLens application. The customers get deeply immersed in the ambience and experience of the space. The experience starts with displaying delight, igniting creativity and ultimately giving a sense of satisfaction about a decision well-made.

MR helps to visualize and review the internal structure of the property creating revolutionary new vision for interior design in residential and real estate settings. It helps clients to spot the accurate location of their property along with nearby amenities such as hospitals, bus stations, airports and so on.

The high-end floor visualization also allows the buyer to make changes to the furniture, color of the walls, change the tiles and other such customizations as an add-on. This helps them to see how the property will look based on their choices. Thus, the buyer is able to make a better decision.

Developing MR app for the real estate industry allows the estate developers to replace costly show homes, scale models, and printed collateral. It eliminates the surplus charge that could occur due to redesigning and remaking the models when the concept changes.

Tools and Technologies used

  • Unity for Development
  • 3D Max for Modelling
  • HoloLens 2 — MR Headset


Building Visualization Spectator view

Building Visualization First Person View

Benefits of MR software solution for Construction & Real Estate industries

The merits of Mixed Reality solution are, the dramatic increase in key performance indicators that is translated into :

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Time and cost savings
  • Resource savings
  • Better asset visualization
  • Fast time to market properties under development
  • Global exposure
  • Customer satisfaction


Real estate agents face real challenges in helping their engineers and prospective clients to view things realistically. One can get a better sense of the depth and scope of a space with the help of MR using HoloLens. The difficulty in imagining large construction overhauls can easily be solved using HoloLens as it transforms the changes into reality. Thereby, creating an unique Mixed Reality experience.