Photorealistic Video Production using Chroma Stage and Pre-rendered 3D Scenes

Photorealistic Video Production using Chroma Stage and Pre-rendered 3D Scenes

Executive Summary:

In this project, we aimed to transform the landscape of photorealistic video production for furniture companies. By harnessing the power of chroma stage technology and pre-rendered 3D scenes, we sought to revolutionize how furniture products are showcased and marketed. Our goal was to provide furniture companies with a cutting-edge solution to enhance their marketing efforts and elevate their product presentation.

Project Challenges:

  • Consistent Lighting: One of the primary challenges we faced was ensuring consistent lighting across the green screen environment. Any variations in lighting could result in shadows or hotspots, affecting the overall quality of the video.
  • Green Screen Wrinkles: Another challenge was to avoid wrinkles and folds in the green screen material. These imperfections could cause uneven color and shadows, making achieving a seamless chroma key effect difficult.
  • Subject Positioning: Proper positioning of the subject relative to the green screen was crucial to minimize spills and shadows. Any misalignment could compromise the accuracy of the chroma-keying process.
  • Post-production Tracking: To facilitate post-production tracking, visible track points or markers must be strategically placed on the green screen. This would ensure accurate tracking of the subject and seamless integration into the virtual environment.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Seamless Environment Development: Our first objective was to create a seamless environment for furniture product visualization. This involved modeling background props and animations to enhance realism.
  • Precise Camera Tracking: We aimed to achieve precise camera tracking and chroma keying to integrate furniture products into the virtual environment seamlessly.
  • Workflow Efficiency: Enhancing workflow efficiency was another key goal. We aimed to minimize production time while maintaining high-quality standards.
  • High-Quality Video Production: Our ultimate objective was to produce high-quality, photorealistic videos that would elevate the marketing strategies of furniture companies.

Solutions & Methodology:

Photorealistic video production - Solutions & Methodology
  • Environment Development: We meticulously modeled background props and animations to create a realistic environment for furniture visualization.
  • Camera Tracking: We utilized industry-standard software such as After Effects and Blender to isolate the subject; we performed precise camera tracking and chroma keying.
  • Chroma Keying Process: Through chroma keying, we removed the green screen background to isolate the subject and prepare it for integration into the 3D scene.
  • Camera Calibration: Using advanced tools like Vive Mars, we conducted accurate camera calibration to collect essential tracking data.
  • Rendering 3D Scenes: We incorporated the collected camera data into the 3D scene to ensure precise alignment and realistic integration.
  • Final Render: After compositing the background and subject in After Effects, we applied final effects to enhance the overall visual appeal of the video.

Project Execution:

  • Setup: We set up the chroma stage and green screen environment, ensuring proper lighting and minimal wrinkles.
  • Recording: Raw media with track points was recorded in the chroma stage environment.
  • 3D Scene Development: We developed the 3D scene and animations to showcase the furniture products in realistic settings.
  • Camera Tracking & Chroma Keying: Using After Effects and Blender, we performed precise camera tracking and chroma keying to isolate the subject.
  • Camera Calibration: Accurate camera calibration was conducted using Vive Mars to collect essential tracking data.
  • Integration: We imported the calibration data into our virtual production software and configured settings for precise integration.
  • Rendering: The 3D scene with camera data was rendered to ensure seamless integration of the subject into the environment.
  • Finalization: After compositing the background and subject in After Effects, final effects were applied to enhance the video’s visual appeal.

Outcomes & Results:

  • Seamless Integration: The project resulted in the seamless integration of furniture products into realistic environments, enhancing their visual appeal.
  • Enhanced Marketing Materials: The photorealistic video produced through this process served as highly effective marketing materials, capturing the attention of customers and driving sales.
  • Streamlined Production Process: By optimizing workflow efficiency, we significantly reduced production time and costs for furniture companies.
  • Improved Product Presentation: The high-quality videos produced through this process significantly improved the presentation of furniture products, leading to increased customer engagement and satisfaction.


The project successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of using chroma stage technology and pre-rendered 3D scenes for photorealistic video production in the furniture industry. By overcoming challenges and implementing innovative solutions, we have provided furniture companies with a powerful tool to enhance their marketing efforts and showcase their products in the best possible light. With streamlined production processes and high-quality outcomes, this approach is poised to revolutionize the way furniture products are marketed and presented to customers.