KIDZANIA Mahindra Life Space Township Building Studio

KIDZANIA Mahindra Life Space Township Building studio

Executive Summary:

Kidzania sought to create an educational and entertaining 3D simulation for children to develop their sustainable township. Kids can choose from various building types and amenities to construct a complete Mahindra Life Space community, evaluating design choices and efficiency. The touchscreen experience spans 11 activity stages that test skills from planning to finalization.

Project Challenges:

  • Developing Age-Appropriate 3D Modeling Interactivity for 6+ Years:
    Balancing complexity with usability ensures children can engage with the simulation effectively without becoming overwhelmed by technical intricacies.
  • Balancing Engaging Gameplay with Educational Content:
    Striking the right balance between fun and educational value to keep children entertained while also delivering meaningful lessons in urban design and sustainability.
  • Performance Optimization for Real-Time 3D on Target Hardware:
    Optimizing the simulation to run smoothly on the designated hardware, ensuring a seamless user experience without sacrificing visual quality or interactivity.
  • Meaningful Progress Tracking and Skills Measurement:
    Implement mechanisms to track children’s progress accurately throughout the simulation, provide feedback on their design choices, and evaluate their understanding of sustainability concepts.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Teach Children About Urban Design and Sustainability:
    Educate children about urban planning principles, sustainable development, and environmentally friendly practices through interactive gameplay and hands-on experiences.
  • Encourage Critical Thinking Through Choice Consequences:
    Foster critical thinking skills by presenting children with choices in designing their township and showcasing the consequences of their decisions on the environment and community’s well-being.
  • Promote Mahindra’s Brand Values Around Green Technology:
    Align the simulation with Mahindra’s commitment to sustainability and green technology, promoting the brand’s values and initiatives to a young audience engagingly and memorably.
  • Captivate Audience Attention to Drive Return Visits:
    Create an immersive and entertaining experience that captivates children’s attention and leaves a lasting impression, encouraging them to revisit the simulation and further engage with the educational content.

Solutions & Methodology:

KIDZANIA Mahindra Life Space Township Building studio - Solutions & Methodology
  • Intuitive 3D Environment and Asset Manipulation: Providing children with user-friendly tools to construct their township, allowing for easy manipulation of buildings and amenities.
  • Contextual Guidance and Performance Indicators: Offering clear instructions and visual cues to guide children through the simulation and provide feedback on their decisions.
  • Dynamic Badge and Certificate Generation: Rewarding children for their achievements with virtual badges and certificates, encouraging continued engagement and learning.
  • Seamless Hosting on Robust Cloud Infrastructure: Ensuring reliable performance and accessibility by hosting the simulation on robust cloud servers capable of handling high traffic and user interactions.

Project Execution:

KIDZANIA Mahindra Life Space Township Building studio - Project Execution
  • Gameplay Prototyping & Storyboarding:
    Initiated the project by creating initial prototypes and storyboards to outline the gameplay mechanics, user interactions, and overall flow of the simulation.
  • 3D Model Creation:
    Developed detailed 3D models of various buildings, amenities, and environmental elements required for the township, ensuring high-quality visuals and realistic representations.
  • Game Logic & Scoring Implementation:
    Implemented complex game logic and scoring algorithms to enable interactive gameplay, track children’s progress, and provide feedback on their design choices and sustainability efforts.
  • Cloud Services Integration:
    Integrated the simulation with robust cloud infrastructure to ensure reliable performance, scalability, and accessibility, allowing for seamless hosting and management of user data and interactions.

Testing & Polish:

Conducted thorough testing and refinement phases to identify and address bugs, usability issues, or performance concerns, ensuring a polished and optimized final product ready for deployment.

Outcomes & Results:

  • High Engagement Measured by Average Session Duration: Demonstrating the simulation’s ability to captivate children’s attention and keep them actively engaged in the learning process.
  • Strong Educational Impact Shown in Exit Surveys: Evidencing the effectiveness of the simulation in conveying urban design and sustainability concepts to its young audience.
  • Increased Brand Awareness for Sustainability Messaging: Successfully promoting Mahindra’s brand values around green technology and sustainability through the interactive exhibit.
  • Positive Feedback from Children and Parents: Receiving praise and positive reviews from both children and parents for the educational and entertaining experience provided by the Township Building Studio.


The Township Building Studio leverages interactive technology to immerse children in sustainability concepts. By entertaining education, the 3D simulation left a strong impression on its young audience while cultivating an appreciation of urban design. The exhibit’s resounding popularity is a testament to Kidzania’s knack for innovation.