Manufacturing is set for the next era of revolution and XR is going to be the key driver

Manufacturing is set for the next era of revolution and XR is going to be the key driver Traditional manufacturing and industrial practices are in the phase of a major transformation spanning the entire manufacturing/production cycle and value creation processes in the name of Industry 4.0. It creates manufacturing systems that are interconnected, communicates, analyse, and use the information to drive further intelligent action. At the heart of this transformation is a combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), and extended reality (XR). Immersive technologies of VR, AR, and MR can be applied across all industries evolving with Industry 4.0, with many of the biggest leaps likely coming from the manufacturing sector, finding a wide range of opportunities in maximizing productivity from maintenance, training, sales & marketing, safety compliance to ensure simplified work procedures from Field Technician Solutions to Marketing Solutions and what not. XR can help developers and engineers communicate during each stage of the design process in real-time, helping the teams stay on the same page, reducing errors that could cost the company, and thereby reducing the product development cycle. XR technologies provide powerful, largely unexplored application areas in Industry 4.0, that will revolutionize the way we work, collaborate, and live our lives.

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Give employees games to play, to make them better at work!

How Gamification Improves Employee Productivity In this era of work from home and social distancing, don’t you think our employees are less connected with each other and socially inept? Well, we can’t do anything about physical distancing for now, but definitely something about bringing our employees together to “PLAY”!! Games are our employees’ guilty pleasure at work. Could we make them play at work hours to take the guilt apart and enhance productivity? Gamification serves the purpose! The term “Gamification “is bringing in the fun elements of game into their routine work. It uses positive reinforcement to motivate our employees to do their daily tasks. Rewarding the best employee at the end of the month or year-end appraisal is so outdated. What motivates them is instant rewarding for their daily tasks. Gamifying everyday tasks or problems helps to engage our team and motivate them to do well and stay connected. This gives them a heightened sense of purpose in the company and have a clearer idea of their progress or achievements.  What they get as the outcome is what they crave the most; a sense of personal achievement and what you get in return is improved productivity and employee engagement on daily basis without having to nose around.

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Gamification can be the next big turning point for the pandemic hit Tourism & Travel Industry

Gamification Can Help Revive the Travel & Tourism Industry Travel and Tourism business, massively hit by the pandemic, is doing all it can to revive back. What needs is an extra nudge to the passionate traveller to stop worrying about safety and hygiene issues and start packing their bags right away. Gamification can be a great method to digitally motivate them to travel with the use of their smartphones, tablets, or other digital devices. How about giving them a chance to make their own personalised virtual avatar to travel around different places and play a game on the go? Gamers can be made to be part of a story where they are to complete weekly tasks, including trivia, referrals, and booking real travel for which they will be rewarded with virtual currency to fund their avatar’s future trips. They can also be given a chance to virtually experience the safety and hygiene measures followed in their place of stay or during the travel and engage the player by giving them simple tasks to practice the same. The traveller’s wanderlust can be used to motivate them to see and experience the places in real. The engaging storyline helps to drive their fears away and give them a glimpse of what they will be experiencing in real life, rather than face the unknown!

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An estimated 50% of patients with chronic diseases do not follow the prescribed treatment. Gamified health tracking creates an environment that keeps the patient from straying from the appropriate therapy path.

Gamification in Healthcare Boosts Positive Health Motivation If you track your calorie intake by logging in your daily diet or counting your daily steps, you are already being gamified. ‘Gamification in healthcare’ is defined generally as the use of game design elements in boosting positive health motivation. Its application in healthcare is much more diverse than just tracking your water and food intake. Not taking their medicines on time is a widespread problem in older patients and children. In the case of life-threatening diseases, it becomes extra important to solve this. A game where the disease is envisioned as a ‘rogue robot’ which has to be defeated using ‘pill guns’ and ‘antibiotic-bomb’ can improve the treatment adherence rates, and also increase the patients’ self-efficacy - confidence that the disease can be defeated. Gamification can also help children forget they are undergoing medical treatment, and teach them responsibility for their health. Games can be made to educate younger hemophilia, diabetics, and cancer patients about the importance of adhering to their treatment plans.

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Gamification done right in Onboarding process can increase knowledge retention and employee engagement

Gamification in Onboarding Improves Employee Engagement Are you one of those who have sit through a boring Induction PowerPoint deck and if yes would you want your new recruits go through the same? Wouldn’t an interactive onboarding sound fun for the new millennial hires? Gamification in Employee Onboarding has become a trending topic in recent years. The new generation of workers view employment as a two-sided partnership instead of a one-sided relationship. Implementing a gamified process in training creates a win-win for everyone involved. Several big names like Marriot, Deloitte and Domino’s Pizza have been using Gamification during their training and onboarding process.‘My Marriott Hotel’ is a game that has been developed by Marriott International to recruit newbies. It allows the candidates to run their own virtual hotel in which they design their own restaurant, purchase inventory, train employees and serve guests. It virtually simulates the whole experience to run a hotel business. Deloitte digitalised and gamified their onboarding process. New employees form teams with other starters and learn about privacy, compliance, ethics and procedures online. They can launch pre-set questions into their team that everyone has to answer. Deloitte also created a virtual office tour, which is set-up like a videogame.

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India Gaming Show 2021

Tiltlabs Participates in India Gaming Show 2021 With one of the world’s largest youth population, India is poised to become one of the world’s leading markets in Gaming Sector. Currently valued at USD 890 million, the Indian Gaming Industry is estimated for the annual growth rate of 14.3 per cent with mobile Gaming taking the lead at 71% share. Highlights of Gaming Market in India World's largest youth population World's second largest Internet population Availability of creative talent Huge skills base across IT, Testing and Arts World-class infrastructure and advanced technology Presence of big development centres like Microsoft, Nvidia, UbiSoft, Zynga, Electronic Arts, Disney, Playdom, Sony, Digital Chocolate, etc. With revenue in the Mobile Games segment in India expecting an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) of 9.8% resulting in a market volume of USD 943 million in 2022, we think the time is ripe to collaborate with India Gaming Show 2021 to explore more of the opportunity. India Gaming Show 2021 is an international Gaming, Animation and Infotainment virtual event organised by The Confederation of India Industry (CII). It will be held from 25 Feb to 11 March 2021 at CII Hive Virtual Platform. The event will cover areas like Technology showcase by large companies, latest games, Animation, Gamification, Gaming Zones, Start-ups, Skill & Skill Development, Digital India, ‘Make in India’ along with consumer section, Cosplay, conference and stage events providing the platform for the industry to connect with visitors at large. This event is aimed at helping the Indian Gaming Industry create a roadmap for making this sector a world market leader, keeping in view India's largest young consumer base. We, at TILTLABS, are on a mission to redefine education and entertainment via Gamification. We embrace the concepts of games and immensely believe it has the potential to educate and train audiences of all segments to enhance and be better connected with the things that matter most. We utilize core concepts of various brands to create interactive experiences that are both rewarding and engaging opening various possibilities for cross-brand promotion and marketing. We also use games as a medium for social awareness incorporating real-life scenarios and providing a learning experience for users where they have to make decisions. With a diverse Clientele spread across Singapore, Dubai, Italy, USA and with vast experience in developing a variety of game and gamification apps for education and entertainment purposes, we are looking forward to participating in the event and exhibiting our capabilities to the right audience.

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