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The Making of slipstream

The Making of slipstream

Slipstream started out as the first game our team submitted for our weekly game competition, the game proved to be a huge hit with the families and friends of the team members ultimately culminating in a fierce rivalry for the top spot on the leaderboards. 

The success of the game was not overlooked by our management and after 2 months of building a game every week , the team was given the opportunity to give Slipstream a complete makeover.

Wiith the addition of our artist and a senior developer we began to push the limits of what we thought slipstream could do, we went through multiple theme changes and gameplay changes and finally settle on the version we unanimously agreed was the best one.

The journey was a not a simple one. We had to jump over a multitude of hurdles along the way. The major hurdle we faced was to achieve the graphics quality which we envisioned. 

We were constantly facing trouble with low end phones,  upon which were having a hard time rendering the water animations.

  After a multitude of trial and errors and a thousand cups of coffee we ended up with the optimised water flowing animation which continues to run quite well even on the lower end phones.

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